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Announcement – CS Group National Executive Resignation and Appointment

I regret to inform you that Guy Abel a longstanding member of the CS Group executive resigned his position earlier this week for personal reasons.

Guy served as a member-at-large and assumed many officer portfolios on the executive for more than 15 years. Most notably, he served with distinction on behalf of the members as the Group Bargaining Officer since 2005. He demonstrated an unswerving dedication to achieving the best contracts possible for the CS Group through three rounds of negotiations.

The Group executive and the membership at large had nothing but respect and admiration for his union activism.

His steadying influence, clarity, strength of character and voice on the executive will be sorely missed.

We would also at this time wish to announce the appointment and return of Gordon Bulmer to the position of member-at-large. Gordon brings to the table years of previous experience as a member of this executive, the NCR executive, President of PWGSC consultation and NCR chief steward. His perseverance, innovation and creative approach to furthering the goals of his Group and his union has benefited both stewards and members alike.

Welcome back Gordon.

Stan Buday
CS Group

Publish Date: 13-AUG-2014 03:51 PM
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