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More information - CS Ratification Vote

Fellow members,

Many of you have contacted us inquiring about the ratification of the tentative agreement. Our bargaining officer, with the help of the bargaining team and the CS Group executive, just finalized the voting kits.These kits will be sent out during the first week of October. The ratification vote will start at that time. The CS members in good standing will have five (5) weeks to vote. Results will be posted on PIPSC and CS Group websites around mid-November. If a majority of CS members vote in favour of the agreement, the Employer will implement the new contract within 120 days from the date of signature. If the tentative agreement is rejected, bargaining will continue in an attempt to reach a better deal.

Refer to Bargaining Update #27 for more information on the tentative agreement and stay tuned for future updates on our website.


Luc Carrière
President, CS Group

Publish Date: 17-SEP-2012 10:47 AM
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