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Important Notice - IT Community Generic Work Descriptions

Many departments are now issuing generic work descriptions and identifying for our members that they have the right to file a classification grievance. Upon receipt of a new work description, an incumbent is entitled to file both a classification grievance and a grievance related to the content of the work description. In fact, in the event that you choose to file a grievance, it is the Institute’s position that it is absolutely necessary to file both grievances.

Pursuant to Treasury Board’s Directive on Classification Grievances, you have 35 calendar days from the date that you receive the notification or decision related to the classification level of your position to file a classification grievance. Under the CS Group Collective Agreement, you have 25 business/working days to file a grievance related to the content of your work description.

If you intend to file these grievances, please email Michelle Brennan, Classification Coordinator. Ms. Brennan will provide you with both grievance forms which will have the necessary grievance language already inserted.

Publish Date: 28-OCT-2015 03:48 PM
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