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Relocation of the Vegreville Case Processing Centre (IRCC) - the federal government must immediately reverse its decision.

Our members in Vegreville are proud of their community and want to continue living there. They want to keep contributing to its economic health by patronizing local businesses.

This closure will have a domino effect on the community – it won’t be limited to the 280 people who work in the Processing Centre and their families. Thousands of residents will be impacted and this will tear the economic heart out of Vegreville.

There should be more to a decision of this magnitude than a business case and the search for “operational efficiencies”. The real story is much more complicated. It’s about people and a living community, not numbers.

The Professional Institute urges the federal government to immediately reverse its decision.

PIPSC represents some 55,000 scientists and other professionals across Canada’s public sector, including 5 members from the Computer Systems (CS) Group working in the Vegreville office.


Publish Date: 02-NOV-2016 02:25 PM
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