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CS (Computer Systems) Group

May 5, 2016

CS Group - Bargaining Update # 18

To all Proud CS

Your CS Bargaining Team was in negotiations with Treasury Board from May 2nd to 4th. We came to the table motivated to move forward on all the Group`s major issues. In preparation the Team methodically sorted all of the proposals into non-monetary, low and high priority so we were ready to negotiate.

The issue of sick leave was not discussed. A central table has been established, to negotiate sick leave, with representatives from each bargaining group. While the central table has not met yet, progress at this table will be linked with progress on PIPSC key priorities.

Your Team presented language to address shortcomings in the areas of Career Development, Training and Tech-nological Change. The employer has indicated that they are developing a consultation framework for Career Development. Yet they were unable to present it during this session of negotiations because they were waiting for permission from their Treasury Board superiors. Your Bargaining Team presented a number of proposals we believed were non-monetary and administrative wording changes. We thought that these proposals would be easy for the Employer to sign off as some already exist in other collective agreements or were of no or low cost. Our patience is wearing thin – it’s time that the Employer either has people at the table that can make decisions, or provide them with the mandate to do so.

CS Group Members

We were angry when the Employer rejected them with no realistic rationales. In fact, they said that changing the current language such as from “Volunteer Leave” to “Personal Leave” would increase costs to them because you, our members, would be more inclined to use that entitlement. Its nonsensical that the Employer believes that using a provision previously negotiated and to which you were already entitled to is something that the Government of Canada cannot afford. This kind of response clearly demonstrates that they have no mandate or interest in bargaining in good faith.

We made it very clear that we were not interested in meeting again unless we receive a written response to our proposals which demonstrates a willingness to negotiate in good faith on our major issue (that being Contracting Out) prior to our scheduled dates in June. Though there was a change in governing party, from Conservative to Liberal, there has been no change in the attitude at the bargaining table.

CS Group Bargaining Team

Again, the CS Bargaining Team wants to thank everyone for the messages of support on social media and via email.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer