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CS Bytes 22

To all Proud CS

Your CS Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board from November 14th to 16th.

There was a marked change in the level of respect that the Treasury Board representatives afforded the issue of Contracting Out. They were more open and invested in discussing the issue, a welcome change from the past direction in talks.

We spent a majority of our time working on Article 30 Contracting Out preparing for their response to our presentation to them at the last session. We received their response as part of multiple exchanges that took place early on in the week.

On the final day we came to a mutual agreement on an updated Article 30. The new wording directs the Employer to give first consideration to CS members before contracting out the work of the Group. It also provides greater protections to your career as a Public Service Employee during times of Workforce Adjustment. A new clause opens a method of communication between CS representatives and Departments around the current and future use of contractors.

In addition to the change within Article 30 we agreed that the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) presented by Treasury Board at the last session will remain a part of the comprehensive offer. DND, SSC, and ESDC will be committed to working further with Group representatives around developing guidelines and reporting on contracting out. It is recognized that these departments are key and have been the main departments involved in contracting out our work.

While we have not signed off on them, Article 30 and the MOA are complete. Discussion needs to take place on improvements to the articles on Technological Change, and Career Development and CS Bytes 21 CS Bytes 22 Training which are referenced in Article 30.

Not lost in all this discussion was our presentation of the pay proposal that included economic increases of 4% per year in each of 3 years. We’ve introduced an extra step for the CS 1 to 4 levels to bring them in line with the number of steps in CS 5.

The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board, spoke at the PIPSC AGM on Friday November 18 as an invited guest. Among other things, The Minister specifically addressed Phoenix as an inherited problem from which the current Government is committed to learn. He said that enterprise-wide IT systems are always fraught with complications. He took care to mention that there is much wisdom and knowledge among CS Group members as the IT community within Government. He is “excited about the potential we have when working together.”

The PIPSC “Ready” Day of Action was a success, thanks in part to all of your contributions to social media and rally involvement. Again, the CS Bargaining Team would like to thank everyone for their messages of solidarity. Now more than ever, the CS Group needs your steadfast support.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer