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CS Bytes 23

To all Proud CS

The CS Bargaining Team met again with Treasury Board from December 6th to 8th.

The CS Group returned to the table with the intention of getting into a tentative agreement knowing we still have many questions not yet addressed from the beginning of this round.

The first two days were spent on improving the language of article 23, Technological Change. Also, the Employer tabled a comprehensive offer with the intention of getting a tentative agreement as soon as possible.

As reported in the CS Bytes 22, Technological Change is closely tied to Outsourcing. It was important for the Team to modernize its definition knowing that an excuse for outsourcing CS Group functions is the result of the depletion of our skill set due to the speed of evolution in IT technology. On Wednesday afternoon, we came to an agreement on new language that includes what we consider to be essential.

Following the agreement on Technological Change, we reviewed the Employer’s Comprehensive Offer and, late Wednesday night, we agreed to formulate our response.

On the third day, we tabled our response to the Employer’s Comprehensive Offer. This response included other articles we consider necessary to have in a tentative agreement such as Career Development, Education and Training. We also included another proposal on the economic increase though we cannot currently release this information. Early in the evening, the Employer gave us an updated version of their Comprehensive Offer.

Unfortunately, their Comprehensive Offer was missing some of the key items we needed in order to make a tentative agreement acceptable. After further discussion we were unable to come to an agreement, even having gone late into the early morning hours.

It was disappointing to have received such a response and we determined that we would need to continue the conversation during another session.

Meanwhile, some PIPSC groups were able to reach agreements with Treasury Board. The settlements included scientific integrity, domestic violence and the safety of northern nurses. These were priorities for those groups. The deals secured for those groups a 5% economic increase over four years and included additional monetary incentives based on professional and occupation-specific deficiencies.

The PIPSC “Ready” Day of Action was a success, thanks in part to all of your contributions to social media and rally involvement. Again, the CS Bargaining Team would like to thank everyone for their messages of solidarity. Now more than ever, the CS Group needs your steadfast support.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer