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CS Bytes 24

To all Proud CS

The CS Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board from January 12th to 13th. The Team came to the table with the will to continue to negotiate the best possible deal for the Group.

TB came to us with a comprehensive offer similar to the one received in December with the addition of the same pay proposal that had been presented at the PSAC PA table.

While receiving Treasury Board’s offer we were told that the CS Group was “healthy” because their data reports no recruitment or retention issues. They emphasized that, as a result, their pay offer was fair. The offer we were presented contains some of the lowest economic increases presented to our members in this round. We don’t understand why it is necessary for the CS Group to be in critical condition before we can expect an acceptable increase.

The Bargaining Team worked hard on a counter offer while keeping in mind the Group’s outstanding priorities, including Career Development, Training, and Performance Review. We moved significantly from our most recent proposal and we were willing to accept a longer term of a 4 year agreement. Your Bargaining Team presented the counter proposal with the full expectation that the Treasury Board would respond.

We were shocked that the Employer came back to us without addressing a single outstanding priority from our new package, stating that their last counter was the FINAL OFFER. Treasury Board walked away from the table leaving us in a take-it-or-leave-it position; unwilling to address any of our outstanding issues. The Bargaining Team is very disappointed that no future meeting dates were discussed. True negotiations have only taken place since November 2016 when we agreed on language of Article 30 and the MOA on Contracting full year since the new Government was put in place.

The CS Group and the Institute are considering our options. In order to see movement from where we are now, we need you to participate. It is again, “TIME FOR ACTION”. With you, the members, we will continue the fight for fair and reasonable improvements to our collective agreement.

January 10th and 11th Days of Visibility were a success because of your efforts, as evidenced by the increased participation in our CS Group Facebook page. The CS Group Bargaining Team is very appreciative of your emails of support and posts on social media with pictures and discussion.

Stayed Tuned and Stay Ready.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer