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CS (Computer Systems) Group

March 9, 2017

CS Bytes 27

To all Proud CS

I would like to begin by thanking each and every one of you who continuously demonstrated your support during this long and arduous bargaining round. It has been more than three years since we initially prepared for this journey. We surveyed the membership early in 2014 to identify the issues that were important to you. We invited 35 CS stewards from across Canada in spring of that year to further refine these priorities. The proposal workbook was finalized early in 2015 as a result of your input and through the hard work of the Proposal Committee, the CS Executive and the Bargaining Team.

A majority of you, the CS Members, were clear that you wanted to send a strong message to the Employer; stop contracting out our functions. Along with this crucial issue, it was obvious to the CS Group Executive that we would not be able to meet our objective to reduce contracting out without also addressing the issues of Technological Change and Training/Career Development.

We set these 3 as our pillars and we stressed to Treasury Board that improvements in the collective agreement language was crucial to a tentative agreement. These three were achieved along with a number of other improvements outlined below. We will of course continue to push Treasury Board for further improvements in the next round of bargaining.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer

Ratification Process – Next Steps

A ratification package is being prepared that will provide all of the proposed changes to the collective agreement and all Memoranda of Understanding.

The package, instructions and voting ballot will be made available to all members within the next month. The changes to the collective agreement will be explained and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. The Bargaining Team will be hosting a telephone town hall and a number of Lunch and Learns across the country. You will then be asked to cast your ballot sometime late April. All the dates will be published within two weeks in CS Bytes 28.

A majority vote in favour of the deal will result in the implementation of the negotiated terms and conditions of the tentative agreement within 120 days of signing.

A majority vote against the deal will signal the bargaining team to pursue further negotiation or conciliation. This may result in further improvements or the loss of some of these recent gains.

The CS Bargaining Team, in order to secure the employer-proposed and contingent economic increase, agreed to recommend that members vote in favour of the deal.

CS Bargaining 2015-2017 - List of modified articles with quick summary of changes

  • Article 2 Interpretation and Definitions - amending ‘continuous employment’ definition
  • Article 7 Hours of work - providing for a compressed work week
  • Article 8 Overtime - increase to OT meal allowance
  • Article 9 Call-Back - administrative change
  • Article 12 Designated Paid Holidays - a holiday day is 7.5 hours
  • Article 13 Travelling Time - OT rate for travelling increased to max of 15 hours
  • Article 14 Leave – General - administrative change
  • Clause 15.02 Vacation Leave – removal of transition language related to the creation of SSC
  • Article 15.07 Vacation Leave – Carry-Over and/or Liquidation of Vacation Leave default now all unused vacation leave up to max of 262.5 hours will carry-over.
  • Clause 17.02 Bereavement Leave with Pay – immediate family definition now includes step-brother/sister and foster child.
  • Clause 17.04 Maternity Allowance and Clause 17.07 Parental allowance: changes due to legislation changes as of January 1st – only one (1) week of waiting period.
  • Clause 17.09 Leave without Pay for the Care of Immediate Family – family definition enlarged and compassionate care leave included.
  • Clause 17.12 Leave with Pay for Family Related Responsibilities – family definition enlarged
  • Clause 17.17 Deletion of Volunteer leave for increase to Clause 17.18 Personal Leave to 2 days
  • Article 18 Career Development – providing access to yearly Career Development
  • Article 19 Severance Pay (including new Appendix “XX”, Clause 15.03, 15.15, and Appendix “E” Workforce Adjustment) – removal of language pertaining to the one time pay-out of accumulated severance pay.
  • Article 23 Technological change – modernizing the definition and recognition of members’ expertise in new projects.
  • Article 25 Union Dues- administrative change
  • Clause 27.02 – Information – allowing for electronic access to the collective agreement instead of printing a copy for every member.
  • Article 29 Leave for Labour Relations Matters – easier accounting for leave without pay for members on official union business.
  • Article 30 Contracting Out – greater use of existing members or the hiring of new members to fill vacancies and communication of information on contracting out.
  • Article 34 National Joint Council Agreements- administrative change
  • Article 36 Standards of Discipline – members granted union representative at meetings.
  • Article 38 Employee Performance Review and Employee Files – members granted copy of their file.
  • Article 40 Penological Factor Allowance – Name change, and increased to $2000 for all recipients.
  • MOA between the Treasury Board and the PIPSC with Respect to Government Procurement Contracting. Consultation with DND, ESDC and SSC on contracting out and training.
  • Duration (Article 49) – four-year agreement, expiring on December 21, 2018 and 120 days implementation.
  • Replace references to the Public Service Terms and Conditions of Employment Regulations with the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment (Appendix “E” – Workforce Adjustment)
  • Replace all references to the "Public Service Labour Relations Board" with reference to the "Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board"
  • MOA with respect to Modernizing sick leave in the Federal Government (as agreed to at the common PIPSC-Employer negotiating Table)

Amendments to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix (as agreed to at the common PIPSC-Employer negotiating Table)

Increases to rates of pay

  • Effective December 22, 2014 - increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
  • Effective December 22, 2015 - increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
  • Effective April 1, 2016 – for Cs1, CS2, CS3 and CS4, – Market adjustment increase of 1.0%
  • Effective December 22, 2016 - increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
  • Effective December 22, 2017 - increase to rates of pay: 1.25%