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CS (Computer Systems) Group

May 2, 2017

CS Bytes 29

To all Proud CS

The CS Bargaining Team continues to present the Tentative Agreement (TA) to members in workplaces all across Canada. We are pleased to answer your questions during these presentations and until the vote is completed, we will continue to do so.

On March 24, 2017, the CS Group posted a timeline of events leading up to the vote. The timeline has been modified and is posted with this update.

The CS Group is still waiting for TBS to send us the French translation of the TA. Meanwhile, the Institute has provided us with an unofficial translated version attached to this bargaining update.

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer

Ratification Timeline

Date 2017
1 Tentative Agreement
2 CS Bytes 26 – Announcement of the TA
15 CS Bytes 27 – Summary of the TA
17-31 Presentations to members.
24 CS Bytes 28 - Ratification Timeline
1-30 Presentations to members.
1 Narrated presentation available for download.
1-5 Presentations to members.
5-9 Distribution of Ratification Package and Voting Key
10 Vote Opens
24 Noon EDT – Vote closes
25-26 Inform members of results
IF NO vote – Inform TBS and return to bargaining
IF YES vote – Inform TBS
  If YES vote - Signing and implementation of the new collective agreement
6 If YES vote - New pay rates implemented