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J Gordon Bulmer

J Gordon Bulmer for

CS Group Executive Member at large


  • 23 years in the Federal Public Service
  • PIPSC WFA Support Team
  • Chair PIPSC National Human Rights in the Workplace
  • Canadian Labour Congress, Pride and Human Rights Committees
  • CS Group National Executive – Strike Officer, ESA Committee, Bargaining Team, Classification Officer, Secretary
  • Portage CS Sub-group President
  • NCR Regional Executive – Communications, Branch Coordination, Training, Human rights
  • NCR Chief Steward
  • PWGSC Branch President
  • President PWGSC National Labour Management Consultation Committee
  • Union Co-Chair of the NLMCC for CIO Branch,
  • Union Co-Chair PWGSC Joint Committee on Employment Equity and Diversity

Let's Talk!

Over the past 23 years, I have gained valuable experience in almost all aspects of representing our members through both formal and informal means. This aspect of my job as a PIPSC volunteer has been one of the most rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment one gets when you can help a member resolve a compensation issue, deal with a difficult work situation, or get an accommodation, is worth all the hard work.

Beyond the workplace, bargaining has to be the issue of most concern to all members. How we as various bargaining groups and as a Union work together to ensure the best possible result for all of our members must be the primary objective of the Group Executive

I offer my extensive leadership experience, my proven record of success, my continued enthusiasm, and my ongoing commitment to PIPSC and the CS group, to bring us forward in the coming challenging times. I commit to serving you and PIPSC by addressing your needs, listening to your suggestions, bringing forward your concerns, acting in your best interests, working together in harmony and cooperation.

With this in mind, I encourage you to vote for me in this election so that I can be YOUR strong voice on the CS group Executive.

Let's Talk!

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 04:41 PM