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Karim Chaggani


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I am seeking your support for nomination to the CS Executive as a Member at Large.

My involvement in PIPSC includes the following:

PIPSC Steward (since Feb 2010); CS Subgroup(Vancouver) executive (Since Oct 2011,); Vancouver Branch Exec (Since Nov 2013,); BC Regional Exec. (Since June 2014). I am also on the CS Bargaining team, for the current round of negotiations, and just recently (Since Feb 1) have been appointed to the PIPSC IT Services and Projects Committee (which oversees the delivery of IT services to members, and provides ideas, guidance to PIPSC in this area.)

I believe I would be a good candidate for a Member at Large position in the CS Executive. I have been with the federal Government, since January 2007 – as a CS1 - first at DND, and in mid-2012, transferred to SSC – I am currently in the NSD (National Service Delivery) portfolio. I support the ‘last mile’ IT support for the 45 Government departments that SSC provides IT services to (with particular emphasis on the National Security portfolio – being DND, RCMP and Correctional Services)

Prior to starting in the Public Service in 2007 as a CS, I had been working in IT since 1995. I ran a successful Computer Hardware and Services Company from 1995 to 2000, which I did quite well at, and helped me pay my way thru College and attain my diploma in Networking.

After graduating, I worked for different ISP’s providing Internet Technical support and a two Medical Software companies, providing them with onsite Networking installation service and support.

I believe my business background, as well as 15 years in the IT industry, provides me with a good insight on not only negotiating skills and business skills, but has allowed me to develop the communication skills that are so very important in bringing member needs to the forefront. I feel my involvement with the tough bargaining under way provides me strong insight and understanding of the CS community and their priorities, an asset to the CS Group Executive and to be able to better fight and raise issues on the national level.

I particularly feel that the Western (or Pacific) region needs to be represented. Working in SSC has unique challenges that I have, with support of the consultation committee, worked through. I am ready to take on the further challenges.

Thank you for your time in reading my biography. I hope you will support my commitment to work hard and enthusiastically for you by voting for me to become part of the CS Group Executive.


Karim Chaggani

Better Together In Solidarity

PIPSC Steward, BC (Vancouver/New Westminster)

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 04:44 PM