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Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc

Dear fellow members:

I am excited to be running again to serve on the CS Group Executive and renew my commitment to you.

As a young frisky activist, I began navigating the PIPSC waters a number of years ago. Rather than dutifully towing the line, I felt a fire burning inside me, prompting me to help improve our organization.

Those of you who are less familiar with my background might wonder what my major accomplishments have been. The gathering on Parliament Hill in 2012 was my brainchild, and the picture that appeared in the Huffington Post in November 2014 was another of my initiatives. I represent PIPSC on the FTQ’s Young Workers Committee and am in the process of putting together Quebec Region’s first youth committee. Lastly, I am one of the main architects of the CS Group’s current mobilization and awareness campaign.

As a member of the CS Group Executive, I worked hard over the past year to improve the Group’s communications and visibility. I revamped the newsletter and increased our presence on social media. Although we have made great strides in this area, much remains to be done.

Equality, fraternity and solidarity are more than abstract principles. They are mantras that should energize our union. You can count on me to get these mantras percolating within PIPSC. I am fighting and will fight even harder so that our corporate unionism becomes a unionism that is social, inclusive and supportive. That is why I strongly encourage our CS activists, whom I affectionately call my “rock stars” to join our friends from other groups, including PSAC, at their events. Better together is more than a slogan.

I promote leadership by example: leadership that goes beyond big words; leadership on the ground and firmly rooted in reality. To address the stagnation resulting from apathy, we need a little kick-start, a spark to awaken our pride and sense of belonging. I know the world cannot be changed overnight, but together we can make a difference, one step at a time. I am an idealist, and my passion is the fuel that keeps me going despite any obstacles in the way.

I make sacrifices and expend energy with all of you in mind. Because we deserve better. We deserve respect from both the employer and the union. Together, we will move forward!

Thank you in advance for your trust in me.

Proudly CS!

Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc

“The impassioned lift up the world; sceptics let it fall.” - Albert Guinon

“I prefer tongue-tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity.” - Cicero

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 04:49 PM