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Nino Mangione

Nino Mangione – Resume

BASc Systems Design Engineer

Position Sought – CS Executive Member at Large (1 year term)

Steward since 2012
President CS Ottawa West Subgroup
Member Health Canada National Consultation Committee
Member National / Regional Organizing Committee (NOC/ROC)

It is amazing how one’s attitude and outlook can change over the years. My first exposure to unions was in the early 70’s when I was working for Canada Post as a casual mail handler. That was an example of a strong union getting unbelievable results for its members. At the time I thought that the members were largely undeserving and were receiving excessive compensation as compared with other blue collar workers. A strong supported union had delivered results but had the pendulum swung too far? The emergence of unions during the Industrial Revolution was instrumental in averting worker exploitation but had they outlived their usefulness?

My early career, 2/3s of my working life, was spent in High Tech where I rose to senior management. The economy was strong, times were good, and, competition among companies for talented resources meant the benefits were unbelievable. Our division in the UK, unlike other UK companies, refused to unionize because their benefits were so much better than benefits offered in unionized companies.

The pendulum has swung again! In 2012 my viewpoint changed 180 degrees, I joined PIPSC and became a steward. DRAP was looming and the 500+ CS members located in my building had no steward to represent them so I took up the fight. Since that time I have steadily increased my involvement in union activities as indicated above. My approach is factual; knowledge based and results in cooperation from management at all levels. There is no need to be confrontational when you can show in black and white from the Collective Agreement which party in the right. Senior management frequently consults with me either to avert a problem in the workplace, and in some cases even on personal issues they may be experiencing.

Today we need a strong union again, more than ever before in PIPSC’s history. Lawmakers have recently stacked the deck against unions in many jurisdictions including our own federal one. The current round of bargaining will be one of the most difficult and prolonged ever. Back to Work legislation is a sword drawn all too quickly and wielded with ease. For these reasons we have seen an unprecedented coming together of the unions representing federal public servant under the banner of Better Together. The strength of the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts and is just what is needed to oppose this formidable foe that uses legislation as a weapon against unions. Together we will win not only the battle but the war.

I ask you now for your support, not just for me but also for your union, to take this fight to the next level. Thank You

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 04:50 PM