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Stacy McLaren

In any election, there are always questions raised. Some question your politics and others your character but the three that I consider important as a candidate in this election for CS group member at large are...

1. Who are you?
2. What have you done?
3. What do you want to do?

Question one... who are you?

My name is Stacy McLaren. I am currently a CS02 working at Shared Services Canada and a regular member of PIPSC. Outside of work, I am a grandmother and the aspiring author of the next Great Canadian novel.

I work hard, accept challenges, get tasks done and try to be the best activist and steward I can be.

Question two... what have you done?

I have participated on the following executives:

  • CS Group National Executive (2013-present) as member at large(2013) and membership officer(since 2013 to present)
  • DFAIT CS Subgroup (2009-2012) as Member at large(2009), Vice chair(2009-2011) and Treasurer(2011-2012)
  • Ottawa Centreville Branch (2009-2011) as a member at large
  • National Capital Region (2011-present) as member at large(2011-2012), vice chair (2012-2014) and secretary (2014 to present)

I have been active:

  • As a Steward from 2005 to present
  • As a member of the National and Regional Organizing Committees for the CS Group
  • As a member of the consultation teams at DFAIT and SSC from 2006 to 2013
  • As a member of the NCR regional executive

Question three... what do you want to do?

This, to me, is the most important of the three questions. What I want to accomplish is:

  • To actively participate in shaping the future of PIPSC and the CS Group so that we strengthen ourselves to face the current environment of Government attacks and being strongly pressured in this round of collective bargaining.
  • To make sure that all member interests are listened to, as collectively it is the members that are our union.
  • To put all my hard work, skills and knowledge into protecting the future of the Institute as a member of the CS Group executive
  • To ask for your support in electing me to represent you on the CS national Executive as a member at large.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

I have an open door communication policy. You can reach me the following ways:

Cell phone: 613-799-3069

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 04:53 PM