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Karen Mingarelli

Re: CS Executive

Dear CS Executive.

I have been active in the CS Community for many years, welcoming new CS members, informing them of the many benefits of joining not only PWGSC, but PIPSC. It is interesting to that Senior Management here at PWGSC is highly supportive of PIPSC, a testament to the good work on many CS’s working here. This alone is a good reason to want to be part of the CS executive.

I have a lot to learn from my fellow CS’s, the executive is element to raise my CS profile here and be a better representative for PIPSC.

I take pride in my position as a CS, I believe we are the heart and soul of this department. I implore new CS’s to feel the same way and relate what I think is the seriousness of a Computer Systems position in this or any other department.

We develop systems for our clients, we maintain them, we change them and we put them to rest. We work closely with almost every other group In this department for requirements, for training and for maintenance of the PWGSC systems. We know our systems of pay and pensions are critical
to the Canadian public, not just for the IT importance of them but because they really serve Canadians, our citizens depend on these systems for their pay and pensions, bread and butter and so they depend on us to keep them running, make them faster, cheaper and more robust and ultimately easier to use.

Our job as CS’s is to connect with citizens on a personal and financial level, and to connect with our CS colleagues on a technical and business level, these connections are only better because of PIPSC and The comfort and support of a collective agreement.

That is how important we are, and our devotion to the advice and guidance provided by PIPSC for trends, technologies, collective agreement changes and sometimes just for our opinion on CS matters make us that much more important to this government.

I would be truly honored to serve on the PIPSC CS executive.

Publish Date: 04-MAY-2015 04:54 PM