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CS Collective Agreement Signed

On July 4, 2017 the Institute and the employer signed the CS collective agreement. Today’s signing of the CS Group collective agreement follows the group’s ratification in May 2017 of the tentative agreement reached with the employer in March 2017. The employer has 120 days from the signature date to implement retroactive pay.

The top priority for this round of negotiations was to stop the employer from contracting out our functions. Along with this crucial issue, it was clear to the CS Group Executive that we would not be able to meet our objective to reduce contracting out without also addressing the issues of Technological Change and Training/Career Development. Improvements to these 3 articles became the pillars of this tentative agreement.

Finally, we have secured a general 6 per cent increase for all members over the life of the agreement. We will of course continue to push Treasury Board for further improvements in the next round of bargaining.

The Institute thanks members for their solidarity and support throughout the course of these tough negotiations.

We believe we have reached the very best deal possible in what has been a challenging round of negotiations.

Although we have made significant progress, we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us. For many members, negotiations continue. The Institute will continue to fight to achieve improvements in collective agreements for all our members. It is important that all members continue to stand together in solidarity to support each other. Together we are strong.

Signing of CS Group Agreement

Seated: Kim Henniger (Treasury Board), Don Graham (Treasury Board), Debi Daviau (PIPSC President), Robert Tellier (CS)

Standing (left to right): Daniel Cyr (Treasury Board), Rob Scott (CS), Gordon Bulmer (CS), Eva Henshaw (CS), Dean Corda (CS), Pierre Touchette (CS), Stan Buday (President, CS Group), Lucille Shears (CS), Karim Chaggani (CS) and Denise Doherty-Delorme (CS Negotiator).

Publish Date: 04-JUL-2017 03:46 PM
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