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Vancouver CS Sub-Group

Executive Meeting
September 24, 2009
Keg Caesars

In attendance: Rose da Silva (President), Steve Lingard (Vice-president), Archer Schultz (Member-at-Large)

Absent: Sam Jung (Secretary-Treasurer)

1. Updating of CS Memberships Lists. It was decided that each executive members would take a piece of the list. Updates to the entire database are expected to be done by December 31, 2009. Rose will indicate who the steward for a particular area is when she sends out the lists for updating.

2. During the updating process executive members will try to recruit site contacts (‘information stewards’) who can provide information with respect to employee movements and also assist with the posting of PIPSC information.

3. The importance of meeting with members at CSC Abbotsford was discussed. Rose has received an email from a member at one of the CSC sites and he is willing to assist in setting up a meeting with CS’s.

4. Rose will be setting up some information meetings for members in October around the Steward’s Council, to take advantage of the presence of the CS Group Vice-president. These will take place during lunch time, as people aren’t available after work.

5. The executive also discussed the possibility of having a social event for members. A BC Lions game was suggested. Archer ‘knows a guy’ and will see what he can do for tickets. Rose to check with Quinton on the turn out for their summer time event for planning information. We’re probably looking into the new year for this event.

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