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NBCC & NBCP Groups - Bargaining update #1

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you may know, our collective agreement expired in March 2013. After settling the essential services agreement with the Employer, the Crown Counsel Group and the Crown Prosecutors Group commenced joint collective bargaining. We have been in negotiations since January 2015. We completed our latest round of bargaining today.

On January 16, 2015, we presented a complete proposal to the Employer including a compensation package. While the Employer has made some non-monetary proposals, they continue to have no mandate to discuss wages. This should concern you greatly. Gauging from the tone of the negotiations thus far and from some of the proposals the Employer has made on non-wage monetary items, we are expecting a proposal for very low wage increases, if any.

Depending on how negotiations progress in June, we may have to contemplate taking job action. As you may be aware, we have been losing ground for a number of years on our counterparts in other provinces. For instance, we earn on average 20% less than Crown Counsel and Crown Prosecutors in Nova Scotia. In point of fact, we are the worst paid in the country. Rest assured that your bargaining team is working diligently to obtain a satisfactory result in these negotiations and we ask for your continued support while you prepare for the worst. We will keep you apprised as negotiations progress.

In solidarity,

NBCC/NBCP bargaining team

Publish Date: 04-JUN-2015 11:16 AM