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Important message to NBCC and NBCP groups members - June 2015

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you may know, our collective agreement expired in March 2013. After settling the essential services agreement with the Employer, the Crown Counsel Group and the Crown Prosecutors Group commenced joint collective bargaining. We have been negotiations since January 2015. Our last round of bargaining ended June 18.

To even attempt at achieving parity with our counterparts in Nova Scotia, we would need to see general wage increases of around 20% over 2 years. Additionally, the first year of lawyer 1 would have to be eliminated in order to have a comparable entry level salary. In fact, while we start at around 48 000, a teacher with a Master’s degree starts at 54 000 and a nurse starts at around 58 000.

Assuming we don’t care to achieve parity with Nova Scotia, the comparison with Newfoundland and PEI isn’t much better. Lawyers in PEI start at around 67 000 while lawyers in Newfoundland reach 95 000 within 5 years of call to the Bar (in NB, it would take at least 9 years) at top out at 129 000.

We have asked for increases that try to achieve some sort of parity with these groups. In exchange, the Employer has offered us 0.25% per year for 6 years.

The Employer has made it quite clear to us that they are not prepared to move much above these numbers.

It is clear that we will have to start contemplating job action.

In solidarity,

NBCC/NBCP bargaining team

Publish Date: 26-JUN-2015 11:16 AM