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Bargaining Update #3 – NB-CC and NB-CP Groups

As you may know, our collective agreement expired in March 2013. After settling the essential services agreement with the Employer, the Crown Counsel Group and the Crown Prosecutors Group commenced joint collective bargaining. We have been in negotiations since January 2015 and our last round of bargaining ended on October 8.

We had been willing to make a number of concessions in an effort to reach an agreement. You will remember that we had originally asked for parity with Nova Scotia, which would have meant increases of 10% per year in the first two years. This last round, we advised the employer that we could recommend an agreement which would include a general wage increase of 1% per year, as long as lawyers 3 and 4 were collapsed (i.e. moving the control point maximum of lawyer 3 up by four steps) and as long as our paid parking was guaranteed.

Regrettably, the employer did not agree to this very reasonable proposal. While they might have been willing to collapse lawyers 3 and 4, it would have cost us an equivalent amount from our wage increase. And they would not even contemplate parking. As it stands, the Employer's formal offer is at 0.75% per year. It has become quite clear that the Employer is not willing to truly negotiate any monetary items. We are now seeking the assistance of a conciliator to help resolve the impasse. We are not, however, very hopeful.

Many of you have put up posters and flags in your offices in a show of solidarity. We will soon be proposing a few more visible displays of that nature. Furthermore, while the Crown Prosecutors' Bargaining team will be going around the Province to meet with their members, Crown Counsel and Crown Prosecutors in Fredericton will be holding a rally sometime over lunch. We will provide you with further details soon.

In solidarity,
NBCC/NBCP bargaining team

Publish Date: 22-OCT-2015 03:24 PM