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NB-LA Group - Bargaining Update #1 - July 2015

Good day,

We, the members of our Bargaining Team, Pierre Ouellet, Annie Maltais, Simon Wood and myself, would like to provide our members with the following update on collective bargaining. In April and June we met with the Employer’s negotiating team for two sessions of collective bargaining. We have plans for another session of bargaining in mid-August and again in late September.

While there were some setbacks in the spring, we battled through it, and we are pleased to say that much was accomplished at the last bargaining session. We have now completed negotiations regarding the non-monetary clauses, some of which were contentious, but we are pleased with the end result. We have now begun discussions regarding all monetary related matters, and we feel we have momentum moving into our next bargaining session in August. We do appreciate everyone’s patience. While there is still hard work ahead, and there is no timetable for having a tentative agreement complete, we remain optimistic. With discussions surrounding non-monetary clauses now complete, monetary related matters will now be the focus of our discussions.

We are cognizant of the fact that everyone is understandably anxiously awaiting the end result of these negotiations, but we cannot overemphasize that our main focus is, and will continue to be, to negotiate the very best agreement we can on your behalf. As we all know, this process does take time, and we commit, over the coming months, to continue the endeavor to keep our members informed generally of the progress of our collective bargaining sessions, to the greatest extent possible.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Misty Matthews-Emery
NB-LA President, PIPSC

From left to right: Misty Matthews-Emery, Annie Maltais, Simon Wood (NB-LA Group Bargaining team), Pierre Ouellet (PIPSC Negotiator)

Publish Date: 31-JUL-2015 03:40 PM