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NB-LA Group - Message to members - July 2015

Good day,

The last few months have been very busy, and we have several updates to share. While a separate collective bargaining update has been circulated to members, there are other matters for which we would like to provide updates.

We, the Executive members, remind everyone that we had four members complete Steward training earlier this month. We are pleased to confirm that Annie Maltais, Simon Wood, Jasmine Buchanan and myself, are now certified Stewards. This training and certification will enable us to further serve our members. You may note that the Stewards have now received from PIPSC their official documentation, as well as signage for their offices to indicate their status as PIPSC Stewards.

We, the NB-LA representatives of the Joint Pension Council, Bronwyn Mooney and myself, are pleased to announce that progress is being made in the objectives of the Council. I anticipate that there will be updates very soon.

Finally, I also wish to advise that I was recently elected as a member of the Executive of the Saint John Branch of PIPSC. I have accepted a term as Secretary of the Saint John Branch Executive. There is information on the PIPSC website about the various branches of PIPSC, and I encourage everyone to consider getting involved in branch activities. It is a great way to meet other PIPSC members in your area; to learn more and to share information. I encourage everyone to spend some time reviewing the PIPSC website, as it contains a wealth of information, including information about the services and benefits available to you all as members.

As President of our NB-LA Group, I consider it an essential part of that role, to make every effort to ensure that our group, while small in numbers, is informed, involved and visible. I continue to take advantage of the opportunities to attend training and meetings at the local and national level of PIPSC. In addition to being a member of our negotiating team, our Executive, the Saint John Branch Executive, and the Joint Pension Council, I am in regular contact with the other New Brunswick Group Presidents, and I attended in May my first Atlantic Regional Council (ARC) and the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Group Presidents. As well, I will continue to attend national events such as the Advisory Council meetings, and the upcoming PIPSC National AGM. It is my hope that we may soon be in a position to have other members of our Executive attend some of these meetings and events as well. In regularly attending local and national events, it is my intention to ensure that our Executive and our members are aware of, and are in a position to fully benefit from all resources that are available to us from PIPSC, and to ensure that we have a strong voice in the operation of the Union, as after all, it is our Union. If anyone has any questions, please contact me anytime.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Misty Matthews-Emery
NB-LA President, PIPSC

Publish Date: 04-AUG-2015 08:10 AM