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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group


In accordance with the NR Group Constitution, By-Law 8 Elections, the Group Elections Committee is sending out a Call for Nominations for the following nine (9) positions on the NR Group Executive: 5 in the NCR (4 for a two-year term and 1 for a one-year term,) 1 (two year term) in the Atlantic Region, 1 (two year term) in the Quebec Region, 1 (one year term) in the Prairie/Northwest Territories Region and 1 (two year term) in the BC/Yukon Region.

For the election in the NCR, the four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be appointed for two years, and the fifth-ranked candidate will be appointed for one year.

All regular and retired members of PIPSC who are members of the NR Group are eligible to run in their region. The attached nomination form must be signed by the nominated member indicating that the member is willing to serve if elected and must be signed by at least five NR Group members.

Nominations are to be received no later than 4:00 p.m. Ottawa time, Friday, February 7, 2014. Nominations are to be e-mailed.

NR Elections Committee
c/o Catherine Gagnon
PIPSC National Office
250 Tremblay Road
Ottawa, ON K1G 3J8

Candidates are also asked to submit a brief résumé of their experience and objectives (maximum 250 words) with their nomination. Résumés will be inserted in the Elector Voting Kit as submitted by the candidates. Please note that it is the responsibility of candidates to review their résumés before they are submitted because they will not be proofread or corrected. Please submit résumé by e-mail to Catherine Gagnon.

Candidates should contact Catherine Gagnon to confirm receipt of their nomination form and résumé prior to the deadline. The Elections Committee is authorized to verify any statements of fact made by candidates in their résumés prior to publication and to pre-approve any advertising literature.

Elections Committee
Tim Kirkby, President, Randy Dhar, Member, Luc Thibodeau, Member

Publish Date: 07-JAN-2014 02:22 PM
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