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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group

NR Bargaining Update - January 2017

  • As most of you are aware PIPSC has been very active in the last month or so, pushing for fair negotiated agreements to replace long expired contracts. In an effort to achieve our goal, the Institute arranged for a bargaining blitz December 6 to 10. This marks the first time that our 6 Core Public Administration Groups (RE, CS, AV, NR, SP and SH) along with the AFS Group, met with Treasury Board representatives simultaneously.
  • As reported in November, our NR representatives on the Sick Leave Bargaining Team (Jennifer Carr), and the Workforce Adjustment Bargaining Team (Hugo Buttau), have been negotiating with our employer to improve those portions of our NR Agreement with Treasury Board. We’re pleased to confirm that we have been successful on both counts, concluding a tentative Agreement in each area.
  • Our NR Contract Bargaining Team: Geoffrey Kendell (NR Bargaining Chair), Shirley Tso, Randy Dhar, Jan F. Wentzel, Pierre Richard, David Young, Tim Kirkby, Pierre Ouellet (PIPSC Negotiator).
  • On the first day of this round of Bargaining, our NR Contract Bargaining Team expected to see some significant progress. Unfortunately, our hopes were soon diminished, when the employer failed to provide any feedback on significant issues we had discussed in past rounds of bargaining. These included professional development, vacation leave, and pay. Even more disappointing was the lack of feedback on our detailed pay proposal, which we had tabled in the summer. Their reply “it is not detailed enough” was an inadequate response to a detailed document that they had had for months.
  • During the next two days, things got no better during the long hours we met; until 10 PM on two days. We did exchange some useful information on some issues, but by late on the last day nothing significant had been agreed to. This was a particularly frustrating experience, as we had expected more fairness from Treasury Board. The employer’s proposals that we received were simply not enough to continue talks.
  • We have previously reported that our Group has selected the Binding Conciliation bargaining path. Since negotiations are at an impasse, we have now decided to proceed with the next stage of our bargaining path, which is to provide notice that a conciliator will be requested, to find common ground for the contract negotiations. After that notice has been accepted by Treasury Board, the following step in the Binding Conciliation process, is to select conciliator(s) acceptable to both our NR Team & to Treasury Board. Once the mutually agreed upon conciliator is in place, there will be a time limited process to try to bring consensus on the outstanding issues. If the conciliator is not be able to bring the sides together, then the TB Team and our NR Team, will each provide submissions to the Conciliator on final positions. The conciliator will then review the positions and issue a ruling. That ruling will then become binding, and will result in a new contract. Currently, we are not aware of the time frame for the conciliation process and we will keep you informed as that schedule is better defined.
  • Although the Conciliation process has been initiated, our Bargaining Team will continue to work to achieve a fair settlement prior to the completion of the process.
  • We want to thank our Bargaining Team, and PIPSC negotiator Pierre Ouellet, for all their hard work and patience in difficult circumstances. We have a lot of work to do to prepare for conciliation and I know our team will be working hard for you as Members.

Publish Date: 13-FEB-2017 03:30 PM
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