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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group

NR Bargaining update #1

Your bargaining team held our first session with the employer March 16 & 17. Unfortunately our assigned TB negotiator was not available so our meeting took place with a substitute TB negotiator.

Our Group proposals were developed around three main themes based on the feedback from the membership survey and the bargaining conference that was held last September. The three areas are professional recognition, including ongoing training and development to maintain registration, workplace wellness, including work life balance, and recruitment and retention.

Our Bargaining Team is continuing to research and discuss an appropriate proposal for an economic increase related to pay relativity and the compensation surveys from a number of Professional Associations. However, we will not be tabling a pay proposal until later in the process.

Unlike previous bargaining rounds, this time we have developed a comprehensive list of contract improvements based on a thorough review of our existing collective agreement.

The meeting was cordial; we presented our proposal document to them and provided an overview of our proposed changes. TB was keen to present their latest Sick Leave proposal, which, despite some minor changes from earlier versions of their proposal, continues to amount to a significant rollback from our current Article 16. Both sides provided high level comments on all the proposals that were tabled, however there was no substantive discussion and no agreement was reached on any issues.

Our next bargaining session is planned for April 21-23 inclusive.

In support of your bargaining team we would ask that you send us any specific information you may have related to our themes (professional recognition, workplace wellness, and recruitment /retention), as well as information concerning pay relativity. Examples and evidence are always useful to support our case.

For information concerning the Sick Leave issue.

Publish Date: 24-MAR-2015 02:37 PM
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