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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group

Message from NR Group President

NR Group Executive, PIPSC Engineering Champion and Vice-President Don Burns and PIPSC Engineering Working Group President John Arthur, met with Kris Dove and Engineers Nova Scotia.

On July 15th 2011, Engineers Nova Scotia hosted PIPSC Engineering principals in an all day meeting to discuss Engineering Professional Registration and Federal Government employed Engineers issues. The winning at the bargaining table by the NR Group of the payment of annual professional registration fees; portability of registration provincially; and the need to encourage all Federal government engineers to gain registration was discussed.

At noon hour, Dalhousie University, Engineering Faculty provided a maritime buffet lunch for the meeting participants and members of the NR Halifax subgroup members. All participants were very grateful for the participation of PIPSC President Gary Corbett. President Corbett provided insight to collective bargaining with Treasury Board and responded to many questions from the room. A very successful day in partnership with Engineers Nova Scotia and Dalhousie University was achieved.

Tim Kirkby
NR Group President

Publish Date: 03-AUG-2011 01:47 PM
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