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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group

NR Bargaining tentative settlement

On October 28, 2011, PIPSC and Treasury Board reached a tentative settlement renewing the Collective agreement having expired September 30, 2011

The Institute and the NR Group are proud to present this tentative settlement.

Not only does this agreement resolve some long-standing priorities of the group, but it provides significant improvements to what Treasury Board presented to PIPSC last year. We continue to promote our common position that Severance Pay is an important part of compensation for most of our members, and thus not to be exchanged without proper compensation.

Following is a summary of the highlights of the deal;


Terminable allowance: 50% of the terminable allowance is rolled into base pay before an economic increase scheduled October 1, 2011. Thereafter an economic increase of 1.75%.

On October 1, 2012 the remaining 50% of terminable allowance is rolled in to base pay. Thereafter, an economic increase of 1.5%
On October 1, 2013, an economic increase 2%


On October 1, 2011: Restructuring of a portion of the SUR pay ranges:
SUR 3, an additional increment of 2320$
SUR 6, additional increment of 4225$

On October 1, 2013, the last increment of the SUR 3 will be increased by 1703$

The effect of rolling in the terminable allowance impacts on the value of severance pay, vacation cash-out, overtime, acting pay, the definition of a reasonable job offer, ect.

Severance Pay

Severance will be modified as of date of signing of the collective agreement and this benefit will cease to accumulate as of said date, in instances of retirement or resignation.

Severance pay will continue to apply in the case of death or lay-offs or release for incapacity or incompetence.

Employees will have the option of maintaining their current severance entitlements or cashing them in part or in totality or keep them until their last day of employment.

The collective agreement covers the period of October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2014.

Further details to follow.

Publish Date: 01-NOV-2011 02:42 PM
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