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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group


November 2011

On October 28, 2011, PIPSC and Treasury Board reached a tentative settlement renewing the NR Collective agreement which expired September 30, 2011.


At the center of NR collective bargaining for ten years, has been the integration of the Terminable/Retention Allowance (TA) into base pay.

The TA was a short term solution to a long term issue in relation to the market; as the Terminable Allowance, is just that, i.e. an allowance, it does not form part of the basic pay package; consequently, the NR were constantly at risk of losing the TA or having it reduced; further, the TA did not apply to overtime, sick leave, vacation cash-out, acting pay, defining what constitutes a promotion, Transition Support Measure, etc.. Lastly, legislation introduced 2009, prevented said allowances from being adjusted to any imposed or negotiated economic increases.

On June 6, 2011 the Government tabled the federal budget, clearly enunciating it was seeking the disappearance of severance payments from collective agreements for individuals resigning or retiring, a benefit in existence for nearly forty years.

These two issues are what drove the NR table for both parties.


In a nutshell the settlement encompasses the following key elements:

1-Terminable allowance: 50% of the terminable allowance is rolled into base pay before the economic increase scheduled October 1, 2011. Thereafter an economic increase of 1.75%.

1.1- The remaining 50% of TA continues to be paid out until September 30, 2012

2-On October 1, 2012 the remaining 50% of terminable allowance is rolled in to base pay. Thereafter, an economic increase of 1.5%

3-On October 1, 2013, an economic increase 2%

4-On October 1, 2011: Restructuring of a portion of the SUR pay ranges:
SUR-3, an additional increment of 2320$
SUR-6, additional increment of 4225$

4.1-On October 1, 2013, the last increment of the SUR-3 will be increased by 1703$

5-Severance pay will be modified as of day of signing of the collective agreement as this benefit will cease to accumulate as of said date, in instances of retirement or resignation.

5.1-Severance continues to accumulate in instances of death, lay-off, or termination for reasons of incapacity or incompetence.

5.2-Employees will have the option of maintaining their current severance credits or cashing them in part or in totality or keep them until their last day of employment.

5.3-Currently, employees with less than ten (10) years of service have no access to Severance Pay; as a result of the tentative settlement, said employees will have access to Severance pay, in proportion to their years of service.


The NR Executive has accepted the recommendation of the Bargaining Team to accept this settlement; the Executive believes the settlement is the best that can be achieved at this juncture in time, and recommends that members vote favourably.

NR Group Ratification Vote - 2011

Publish Date: 21-NOV-2011 02:00 PM
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