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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group

NR – Arbitration Decision Challenge by TB

On the 22nd of May 2009 the Treasury Board (TB) contacted the Institute conveying TB’s intent to file for judicial review of the NR arbitral award on the issue of professional dues, contesting that this award was a violation of Bill C-10. This improvement is in line with similar language for the AFS, FI and SH groups.

It’s not enough that the wage demands of the NR group were limited by Bill C-10, now the recognition of the engineering profession and licensure for NR members, rightfully gained at arbitration, is being challenged. Licensing associations celebrate the decision of the Arbitration Board as do NR members.

At a time when our country needs NR professionals to rebuild its infrastructure and preserve our way of life, we are being treated like kids and our legal gain is being threatened.

Shame on you Treasury Board.

Joe Podrebarac PEng, PMP
NR Group Negotiation Lead

Publish Date: 26-MAY-2009 02:26 PM
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