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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group



March 2010


Name Title Telephone # Email address
Tim Kirkby President (613) 736-3037
David A. Young Vice-President/ Sub-Group Coordinator (613) 943-9265
Hector Ewing Secretary (819) 997-9309
Joe Podrebarac Treasurer/Collective Bargaining Lead (613) 994-8573
Yves Cousineau Membership Coordinator (613) 952-4413
Luc Thibodeau Chief Steward (514) 496-3336
Geoff Kendell Delegate Selection Coordinator (604) 666-5160
Angelo Guglielmo Communications Coordinator (819) 994-8491
George Achakji Member-at-Large (819) 997-7028
Randy Dhar Member-at-Large (416) 512-5796
Joan Muise Member-at-Large (902) 496-5532
Pierre G. Richard Member-at-Large (514) 633-3602
Robert Willman Member-at-Large (780) 497-3956

Presidents Message

In 2009 our group bargaining team were disheartened to be treated by ridicule and disgrace by the employer who forced Bill C-10 upon our contract. The wage increase that was imposed was unfairly applied to 85% of our income as the Recruitment and Retention portion of our income was not increased. Our income has declined in comparison to the very large majority of federal public servants.

I urged you to vote and participate in the PIPSC 2009 fall elections. Yet, our participation rate did not increase. We continue to remain silent at a time when we should be active. It is very difficult as volunteers to work for you when you do not support our work to bring improvements to you. By not voting you are agreeing to have the influence of other bargaining groups set in place practises which will affect you, such as the potential changes to your defined pension plan.

You are very well represented by a national board of executives who have experienced change in 2009. Long time NR executive members Gary Legassie and Bill Spruin have been replaced on the NR executive by Joan Muise and Angelo Guglielmo.

Welcome Joan and Angelo! Happy retirement Gary! Bill continues to work for PWGSC within the national capital region as a liberated steward and is always ready to help members within the PWGSC community.


Groups hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs) each year in order to allow member delegates to have a say in the Group business and set priorities for their Executives. The upcoming NR AGM will be held at the Hilton, Lac-Lemay, in Gatineau, Quebec on Saturday, April 17, 2010, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you are selected as a delegate, expenses and salary will be covered by PIPSC in accordance with the PIPSC Travel Policy.

If you are interested in attending as a delegate or observer, please fill in the Web based Application form:

Executive members please fill out Form 1.
Sub-Group Presidents Form 2.
Delegates / Observers Form 3.

If you have any questions, they can be directed to Rose St. George at Tel. 613 228-6310, Ext 2287, by email at or mail to:

NR AGM Committee
c/o Rose St. George
250 Tremblay Road
Ottawa, ON
K1G 3J8

The NR Group Executive will choose delegates by using a selection process following specific guidelines, in consultation with NR Sub-Group Executives. These guidelines and method of delegate selection will ensure the best possible representation for all regions and occupational classifications.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, March 19, 2010

Report on the Judicial Review

On the 22nd of May 2009 the Treasury Board (TB) contacted the Institute conveying TB’s intent to file for judicial review of the NR arbitral award regarding reimbursement of professional dues, contesting that this award was a violation of Bill C-10’s provisions.

The Hearing was held on the 26th of January 2010 at the Federal Court, located at 90 Sparks Street in Ottawa – the NR Group was represented by PIPSC Legal Counsel, Isabelle Roy. The appearance before the Court was formal and presented legal arguments based on the factum submitted by the parties. There are no witnesses called and the only arguments presented are those that were submitted in writing in advance of the hearing.

During the hearing, the Attorney General’s lawyer made some scathing statements – one of which equated Professional Engineering License fees to that of gym membership.

The results of the Hearing are anticipated in one month.

Have an Issue?

Unless you find life is perfect - everyone has an issue at some time or other. Help us help you by your informing your NR Executive about any concerns you are faced with at your workplace. These can be related to parking, overtime, leave, professional development, etc. Even if you believe yours is a known issue, let us know about your special circumstances – no issue is too small to be voiced!

Are you up to Date?

A recent review of member lists has shown that up to 10% of members have their personal details (workplace, telephone number classification, etc) incorrectly registered with PIPSC. This affects, amongst other things, sub-group membership allocations. To properly serve you, we strongly encourage you to contact the PIPSC National office to update your profile.

Go Green!

The Professional Institute's Green Initiative is an environmental program focussed on Working towards a sustainable and healthy environment. We all know the age old motto, “Waste not, Want not” and it could not be truer today. In addition to saving our trees and helping the environment, the Green Initiative comes with the added benefit of significantly reducing our overall cost of operations. Currently, only about 55% of all Institute correspondence to members is sent by e-mail. We’d like to see a big increase in this percentage. Do your part - sign up for email communication instead of snail mail (regular mail) from the Institute by following the link below

Do your part by switching to e-mail!

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