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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group - Bargaining Team

Contact information contained on the PIPSC Web Site is provided for the sole purpose of allowing members to contact their Institute Representatives for employment related problems or questions. This information may not be used in unsolicited bulk e-mailings.

Architecture, Engineering and Land Survey Bargaining Team (C 700)
      Group Department Phone E-Mail
Group President
Tim F. Kirkby ELS PWGSC  Tim F. Kirkby (Home)
Bargaining Team Coordinator
Hugo Buttau ELS PSPC 1-780-497-3987  Hugo Buttau (Other)
Bargaining Team Member
Luc Thibodeau ELS PSPC 1-514-496-3336  Luc Thibodeau (Home)
W: 800, de La Gauchetière Ouest , Place Bonaventure , MONTRÉAL, QC, H5A 1L6
Bargaining Team Member
Glen C. Schjerning ELS DND 1-819-939-3756  Glen C. Schjerning (Other)
W: 455 de la Carrière , GATINEAU, QC, K1A 0K2
Bargaining Team Member
David A. Young ELS NRCAN 1-613-943-9265  David A. Young (Home)
W: 1 Haanel Drive , BCC 9 , NEPEAN, ON, K1A 1M1
Bargaining Team Member
John Eng ELS DND 1-819-939-8414  John Eng (Home)
W: 105 Hotel de Ville , GATINEAU, QC, J8X 4H7
Bargaining Team Member
Shirley Tso ELS PSPC 1-587-228-7004  Shirley Tso (Home)
W: 220 - 4th Avenue SE , Harry Hays Building , CALGARY, AB, T2G 4X3
Bargaining Team Member
Cameron A. Smith AR PSPC 1-613-784-9686  Cameron A. Smith (Other)
W: 11 Laurier Street , Place du Portage Phase III , GATINEAU, QC, K1A 0S5
Bargaining Team Member
Pierre G. Richard ELS TRANSPORT 1-514-633-3602  Pierre G. Richard (Home)
W: 700 Leigh Capreol , DORVAL, QC, H4Y 1G7
PIPSC Negotiator
Pierre Ouellet N/A N/A 1-613-228-6310 x4720  Pierre Ouellet (Work)
W: 250 Tremblay Road , OTTAWA, ON, K1G 3J8