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Glen Schjerning

Professional Experience

Canada Forces Naval Officer 1989-1998
Profession Engineer in the Province of Ontario 1994.
AECL 1999-2001, CNSC 2001-2003, DND 2003 to present

PIPSC Experience

Regular Member 1999-2001 with AECL
Regular Member 2003 to present with the CNSC and DND
CNSC Staff Council President 2002 - 2003
PIPSC Steward from 2003 to present
LSTL Branch Executive 2007 to present. Branch President 2008 to present.
LSTL NR Sub Group Treasure & Secretary 2009 to present


  • Work to manage the damage to the NR Group which job cuts though threatened hiring freezes, attrition and layoffs.
  • Work with the Professional Associations to increase our professional visibility
  • Increase our member participation
  • Communication and dialogue with members

It would be my privilege to serve you.

Glen Schjerning

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