Bill Spruin

Bill Spruin, P. Eng.

I am honoured to serve you on the NR Group executive and seek your support for re-election to another term.

Achievements included being the co-chair of the working group which resulted in the devolution of the AP Group and the establishment of the NR Group and being elected as the first President. I was a driving force at PWGSC in having professional fees paid.

As a member of numerous Bargaining teams, I have worked very hard to have the allowance included into our base salaries which has just recently become a reality after many years of effort.

As a professional engineer I have dedicated many years of volunteer time to assist members both collectively and as individuals. I have been successful in working with members whose careers were being unfairly impacted.

I have the following objectives that I’d like you to support by voting for me;

  • Eliminate “illegal” taxation of our Registration fees.
  • Re-enforce the use of “professionals” by demanding the highest standard of service to the public.
  • Stress importance of participation and leadership within our Professional Associations.
  • Reduce outsourcing of service to the private sector
  • Increase promotional opportunities
  • Increase our member participation – getting new members involved
  • Communication and dialogue with members

I thank you for support, which has allowed me the opportunity to represent you and ask that once again you extend your vote to support my offer to continue to represent you.

Thank you,

Bill Spruin, P. Eng.

Publish Date: 08-DEC-2011 09:44 AM

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