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eNgineering, aRchitecture and Land Survey (NR) Group

NR Group Report on the Judicial Review

On the 22nd of May 2009 the Treasury Board (TB) contacted the Institute conveying TB’s intent to file for judicial review of the NR arbitral award on the issue of professional dues, contesting that this award was a violation of Bill C-10’s provisions.

The Hearing was held on the 26th of January 2010 at the Federal Court, located at 90 Sparks Street in Ottawa – the NR Group was represented by PIPSC Legal Counsel, Isabelle Roy. The appearance before the Court was formal and presented legal arguments based on the factum submitted by the parties. There are no witnesses called and the only arguments presented are those that were done in writing in advance of the hearing.

During the hearing, the Attorney General’s lawyer made some scathing statements – one of which equated Professional Engineering License fees to that of gym membership.

The results of the Hearing are anticipated in one month.

Joe Podrebarac P. Eng, PMP
NR Group Negotiation Lead

Publish Date: 29-JAN-2010 03:51 PM
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