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National Research Council - Information Services (NRC-IS)

NRC IS/LS/TR Bargaining Survey 2014

To members of the NRC IS/LS/TR Groups,

The work contract between PIPSC (NRC-IS/LS/TR Group) and NRC expired on June 20, 2014. As the IS/LS/TR Group Executive, having confidence that we speak for the group membership is strategically the most important factor to us in negotiations. A major advantage in negotiating the present contract was having a clear sense of how you, the members, felt about key issues. We must begin that process of finding a consensus again. We are asking you to fill out this survey to let us know your opinion about certain issues.

We have identified areas that concern us or that we think might concern management. Some of the questions deal with issues which cannot be bargained but which will provide your executive with information that can be useful for consultation with the employer.

In conducting this survey, we are trying to do the best possible job to represent your interests. Please help us do this in an efficient manner by completing this survey. The more responses we receive, the stronger our voice is. Analysts at PIPSC headquarters will evaluate the responses to the questionnaire. No individual responses will be made available to the executive or any member of the IS/LS/TR group, so your responses are confidential.

Please complete the survey by October 22, 2014


If you wish to discuss in greater detail any concerns you may have regarding your collective agreement or the upcoming round of collective bargaining, please contact a member of the Group Executive. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are provided above.

Thank you.


The NRC IS/LS/TR Group Executive

Publish Date: 07-OCT-2014 10:58 AM
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