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National Research Council - Research Officers and Research Council Officers (NRC RO/RCO)

WFA Update #2

Preparations for the WFA bargaining terminated after the announcement of the Treasury Board decision to restructure CISTI, but resumed in the fall of 2010 with proposals exchanged in December. Face to face bargaining began on Monday, March 28, 2011 and continued through Tuesday, March 29th. While no agreements were made, there was productive discussion on many of the major issues.

WFA policy is part of the collective agreement, but is negotiated separately. Changes proposed by PIPSC and RCEA are:

1. Clarifying the situations that constitute a WFA to ensure that the policy is followed when the adjustment involves even one employee, not just during a major shakeup.

2. Including term employees of 3 or more years.

3. Having employees informed of a potential lay off as soon as management identifies this as a possibility. Employees in all potentially affected positions would be put on an advanced priority status list for consideration of alternate positions—at least 4 weeks before being declared surplus. Counselling on résumé preparation, priority list benefits, etc. would occur during this period.

4. The marketing period between declaration of surplus status and the beginning of the notice period would be extended from 8 to 20 weeks.

5. When considering ‘appropriate’ positions for surplus employees, it is suggested that the WFA committee think outside the box usually defined by salary.

6. Employees that have been laid off under a WFA would be on a priority status for a period of 1 year after departing from the Council.

7. There was considerable discussion around the topic of affected employees close to retirement; suggestions included leave without pay (for various causes) and having the Council request a waiving of penalties when the critical numbers (age and service) are not quite met.

8. Removal of post-employment restrictions.

The team representing NRC consists of the following members: Gerry Bauder (Senior Labour Relations Officer, Labour Relations Group), Pat Mortimer (Vice-President, NRC Technology & Industry Support), Isabel Gingras (Director, Organizational Effectiveness), Kendra Kehoe (Manager, Hiring Services), Marie-Eve Roy (Manager, Workplace Effectiveness), and JoAnn Conway (Senior Planning and Program Manager, Planning and Programs).

PIPSC and RCEA teams consist of the following members: Suzelle Brosseau (PIPSC negotiator), Joan Van Den Bergh (RCEA negotiator), Sarah Mangione (IS President), Patricia Polowick (RO/RCO group representative), Hirem Baran (LS President), Christine Mattson (RO/RCO group representative), Serge Croteau (RCEA President) and Greg Scriver (RCEA Vice President)

Talks will resume on April 13 and 14, 2011.

April 12, 2011

Publish Date: 13-APR-2011 03:09 PM
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