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National Research Council - Research Officers and Research Council Officers (NRC RO/RCO)

NRC RO/RCO bargaining update - April 2017

Dear colleagues,

Our February RO/RCO newsletter included a bargaining update with the results of negotiations with other PIPSC science and research groups in the federal government. You can access the newsletter from our RO/RCO web page:

We had expected to begin bargaining for our new collective agreeemnt with NRC management in March but there have been unavoidable delays. Fortunately the timing is in our favour. Your RO/RCO bargaining team has completed its package of bargaining demands that we believe will improve the working conditions and situation of RO/RCO members at NRC moving forward.

Our bargaining demands include provisions for a new Scientific Integrity policy that will become part of our collective agreement, more opportunities to participate in conferences and workshops and many other priority issues identified by our members.

An appropriate pay raise for RO/RCO members is central to our bargaining demands. As everyone knows we have been waiting for a pay raise since 2014 when our current collective agreement expired. We expect NRC management to recognize that our members deserve salaries that at least keep up with inflation. In addition, we will be making the case that our salaries need to keep pace with those of our counterparts in industry and academia. We also will be asking for the removal of the double bar in the SRO/RCO4 level.

Fortunately, the new federal budget is in our favour. The Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (the department that oversees NRC) has stated that he recognizes the value of research and innovation and that there is money in the budget for it. The 2017-2018 federal budget includes $60 million to position NRC within the federal government skills plan, and additional millions for NRC innovation and research programs.

To achieve a positive outcome for our RO/RCO negotiating team, we will need the support and best wishes of all RO/RCO members across NRC, in all the regions. We will continue to provide bargaining updates by email as the negotiations evolve. We are planning in-person meetings with members in Penticton in April and in Ottawa in June. In the coming weeks, the NRC RO/RCO executive will be inviting you to complete a short survey to identify the best slogans for posters and t-shirts to support the bargaining team.

In the meantime, we ask you to keep your bargaining team in mind and give us your support by talking about bargaining issues during breaks and lunch time. We need everyone to know what’s happening so that our members are informed and mobilized. Anyone can reach us by email:

With all best wishes,

Your PIPSC NRC RO/RCO bargaining team:
Susan O’Donnell, Research Officer (retired), RO/RCO group President
Daniel Durand, Research Council Officer, RO/RCO group Vice-president
Pat Loder, IRAP ITA, RO/RCO group Chief Steward
Daryl Wong, IRAP ITA, RO/RCO group executive Member at large and past President
Suzelle Brosseau, PIPSC negotiator

Publish Date: 06-APR-2017 01:29 PM
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