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National Research Council - Research Officers and Research Council Officers (NRC RO/RCO)

WFA Update #3

The Workforce Adjustment (WFA) policy is part of the collective agreement, but is negotiated separately; the current policy expired in July 2007.

The third face to face bargaining session was held Wednesday June 22nd through Thursday 23rd. Unfortunately, management still did not have a mandate from Treasury Board for any financial considerations. While no agreements were made, there was productive discussion on many of the major issues. During this session, these included:

  • Having employees informed of a potential lay off as soon as management identifies this as a possibility.
  • Having an effective marketing period as long as possible to provide the best opportunity to find new positions within the Council.
  • Streamlining requests for the removal of post-employment restrictions.
  • Consideration of ‘appropriate’ positions for surplus employees outside of their previous group and level.
  • Acknowledgement of the situation of long-standing term employees during a WFA.
  • Extending to one year the internal candidate status for NRC jobs of an employee that has been laid off under a WFA.
  • Discussing roles and responsibilities of local Workforce Adjustment Committee (WFACC) during a WFA.

The team representing NRC consists of the following members: Gerry Bauder (Senior Labour Relations Officer, Labour Relations Group), Pat Mortimer (Vice-President, NRC Technology & Industry Support), Isabel Gingras (Director, Organizational Effectiveness), Kendra Kehoe (Manager, Hiring Services), Marie-Eve Roy (Manager, Workplace Effectiveness), and Jo Ann Conway (Senior Planning and Program Manager, Planning and Programs).

PIPSC and RCEA teams consist of the following members: Suzelle Brosseau (PIPSC negotiator), Joan Van Den Bergh (RCEA negotiator), Sarah Mangione (IS President), Patricia Polowick (RO/RCO group representative), Hirem Baran (LS President), Christine Mattson (RO/RCO group representative), Serge Croteau (RCEA President) and Greg Scriver (RCEA Vice President)

Talks will resume on August 30 and 31, 2011.

Publish Date: 18-JUL-2011 11:51 AM
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