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National Research Council - Translation (NRC-TR)


The IS/TR bargaining team met with the employer on May 1 and 2, 2008. These were the first days of real bargaining, the parties having first met on January 23 to exchange proposals.

The two sides agreed to a few very minor housekeeping changes to existing articles and some progress was made towards resolving some non-monetary issues.

On the whole, however, the employer was generally unreceptive to our proposals, and we expect that this will be a long and protracted round of bargaining.

The two sides are in the process of setting additional dates for bargaining in September. In the meantime, the bargaining team will be meeting to prepare for the next bargaining session.

Your bargaining team members are:

Jane Dorman - IS Group President
Fran Flavelle - IS Group Steward
Lea Libiseja - IS Group Secretary/Treasurer
Sarah Mangione - IS Group Vice-President
Robert St-Laurent - TR Group Co-President
Gilles Thériault - TR Group Co-President
Glen Chochla - PIPSC Negotiator

Please check this Web site periodically for updates.

Publish Date: 06-MAY-2008 03:02 PM
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