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Health Services (SH) Group


January 2015

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The SH Group Executive represents the interests of all Federal Government Health Service Professionals. This year, in accordance with the SH By-Laws, five positions on the SH Group Executive shall be elected:

1. Medicine Representative (MD) (Three-year term)
2. Nutrition and Dietetics Representative (ND) (Three-year term)
3. Veterinary Medicine Representative (VM) (Three-year term)
4. Dentistry Representative (DE) (Three-year term)
5. NU-EMA Representative (NU) (Three-year term)

Only regular SH members in the appropriate professional group are eligible to be candidates.

A nomination form is attached. In accordance to SH By-Laws:

7.2.2 Nominations must be supported by at least two (2) members of the Group and the nominee must indicate a willingness to serve if elected.

Nominations forms must be received at the National Office by 4:00 pm (Ottawa time) on February 24th 2015.

The successful candidates for the above positions will assume office on April 28th 2015.

7.3.6 The newly elected Group Executive members shall take office immediately following the announcement of the results of the election.

We encourage you to participate in the process of nominating and electing your representatives!

SH Elections Committee,
Eric Fleurent, Chair
Colin Muise, member
Stephanie Hatchard, member

Being a member of the SH Group Executive :

Joining our Health Services (SH) Executive is an excellent opportunity to share in the issues and concerns of our membership and represent your occupational group in their concerns.

We meet 5 times a year in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Group Executive can establish committees as necessary, with terms of reference and membership to be decided by the Group Executive. These committees are tasked to work on specific issues affecting SH members and report back to the Group Executive. More information about the Group and the Executive can be found here.

Our meetings are usually held on Saturdays. If you work the day of the meeting, the Institute will reimburse your salary. Salary reimbursement will also be available if you need time to travel to the meeting.

Your expenses for travel and accommodation are covered by the PIPSC travel policy.

PIPSC also has a Union & Family Life Balance policy, under which Executive members can be entitled to a day off with pay for every meeting if they stay the Saturday night of the meeting.

Again, it's a great team of health professionals representing all parts of Canada and all of our SH groups working in a collaborative team approach to the betterment of our membership!

You will be assisted and supported in your new roles and responsibilities.

If you have any questions you can contact: Eric Fleurent, SH Elections Chair.

Publish Date: 17-FEB-2015 09:26 AM
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