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Health Services (SH) Group

SH Group Executive Meeting #1

January 25th, 2014 Ottawa, Ontario

Summary of the minutes

1. Welcome by the president, Joanne Bouchard.

2. Approval of the current meeting agenda.

3. Approval of last meeting minutes.

4. Business arising from previous meeting.

a. WFA update by Lyne Morin & Jean-Paul Leduc, negotiators.

b. Ste-Anne’s Hospital transfer update by Éric Fleurent.

c. Joint Institute/Treasury Board Career Dev. Committee update.

d. SH Bargaining/Communication update by Ginette Tardif.

5. Bargaining Team representative from small groups.

6. New Business.

a. Process for tracking of stewards application & renewal of status.

b. 2014 SH AGM Dates & Location Finalization.

c. Review of Election Timeline & selection of MAL’s.

d. Guidelines on Attendance and/or Cancellation @ PIPSC/SH Meetings.

7. Reports of the Executive Officers

a. President’s report/Advisory Council - Joanne Bouchard

b. Treasurer’s report - Terry Hupman

c. Membership/Rand - Brent Nelson/Bhim Bhatia

d. By-Laws - Jeff Whitehead

e. Consultation - Gerry Saunders

f. Communications - Eric Fleurent

g. Stewards - Bruno Gagnon

h. NU-EMA - Lynn Ohlson

i. Sub-Groups - Richard Smith/Colin Muise

j. Elections - Lynn Ohlson

k. Orientation Officer - Colin Muise

8. Roundtable/Next meeting

9. Adjournment

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