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Ste-Anne's Hospital Transfer - Veterans Affairs

1: Our recent discussions with Deputy Minister Mary Chaput and Director of Human Resources Don Love, as well as our discussions in the last few days with the director responsible for the SAH transfer, Faith McIntyre, have resulted in an agreement to settle the policy grievance concerning accumulation of annual leave. The main points of the agreement are as follows:

Indeterminate employees will receive all advance leave credits equivalent to the number of credits allotted for the current vacation year;

An amount equivalent to the unearned annual leave that indeterminate employees will have used at the date of transfer will be recovered from the final amounts due to them upon their transfer to the province (e.g. lump sum payment and additional remuneration, transition support measure (TSM), severance pay, etc.);

All annual leave to which employees are entitled will be posted on PeopleSoft on May 16, 2013, which employees will have access to.

Through our various channels of communication with VAC, we continue to raise the other side of the issue, namely annual leave that will be available after the transfer, and particularly in the summer of 2014.

2: Last Friday, PIPSC negotiator André Lortie had a long conversation with VAC negotiator Richard Neuville. The goal of the discussion was to identify issues that needed to be addressed at a meeting tentatively planned for early May with Michel Fontaine, negotiator for the province. Lyne Morin and André Lortie from PIPSC and Mr. Neuville from VAC are expected to be at the meeting with Mr. Fontaine.

3: On Monday, April 15 at 4 p.m., PIPSC representative Lyne Morin had a lengthy discussion with Minister Blainey. The objective of this meeting was to brief the Minister on our members’ concerns about the transfer. The deputy minister and Minister Blainey's chief of staff also joined the discussion. We had the opportunity to address a number of topics, including our involvement in current discussions on the terms of the transfer and annual leave. The Minister was attentive to our concerns and to our suggestions on how to address them. We left the discussion on a positive note with a commitment that there would be follow-up.

4: The schedule for training on the comparison between the federal and provincial pension plans is basically ready and you should receive it shortly from the Employer. The week of April 29 will likely be chosen but it still needs to be confirmed.

To be continued. . .

Publish Date: 26-APR-2013 12:11 PM
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