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Health Services (SH) Group


The SH Group was formed in 1999 and is comprised of nine (9) different professions: Dentistry (DE), Medicine (MD), Nursing (NU), Nutrition and Dietetics (ND), Occupational and Physical Therapy (OP), Pharmacy (PH), Psychology (PS), Social Work (SW), and Veterinary Medicine (VM). One of the main duties of the SH Group Executive is to deal with collective bargaining issues and monitor the implementation of our collective agreement. The SH Group also aims to further the professional interests of its members.

The thirteen (13) Executive members ensure the representation of all nine (9) professions. Due to the high number of nurses, they have five (5) representatives on the Executive (one for Correctional Service of Canada; one for Health Canada; one for the Medical Adjudicator (NU-EMA); one for Veterans Affairs; and one for all other departments). All other professions are represented by one Executive member. In order to ensure equitable representation the Executive must also appoint two members.

6.2.1 The Group will be allowed up to fifteen (15) Executive members as long as it represents nine or more bargaining groups and has over 2000 members. Thirteen (13) members shall be elected and the other(s) shall be appointed by the Group Executive as required to make up any under-representation either in a region, a department or a profession.

So, if you are a Regular member and wish to be a voice for the interests of your profession, department, or region, please send your expression of interest to Marie Michelle Gagné, by June 18, 5:00 PM, Ottawa time.

Once selected, the members will be notified before the next SH Group Executive meeting, which is scheduled on September 13, 2014 and is taking place in Ottawa.


SH Elections Committee
Lynn Ohlson, Chair
Stephanie Hatchard
Jeff Whitehead

Publish Date: 13-MAY-2014 09:07 AM
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