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Health Services (SH) Group

SH Bargaining Update – October 2016

The SH Bargaining Team completed another three days of bargaining focusing in particular on our pay demands for all nine professions that comprise the SH group. All our pay proposals were once again reviewed and the rationale for each and every demand was once again emphasized to the employer.

Frank and open discussions resulted in some progress on a few of our issues including, but not limited to, safety and security for Northern Nurses. There were no discussions on an economic increase nor has the employer provided a counter proposal to our economic increase demand.

It was made very clear to the employer we are somewhat encouraged by the recent progress and we are prepared to work toward a tentative agreement in December provided the employer returns with a broader mandate to address our demands.

Additionally, we advised the employer if we are unable to reach a negotiated tentative agreement in December we will most likely be at an impasse.

Publish Date: 02-NOV-2016 03:32 PM
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