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Health Services (SH) Group

Health Services (SH) Group

November 2012

Following the close of nominations on November 21 2012, the following members expressed their willingness to serve as representatives on the SH Group Executive. The term of office for the members elected to the SH Group Executive shall be three years.

Voting is by electronic means to all members except to members living in the Sioux Lookout and northern Manitoba areas, where paper mail-in ballots will be provided. You will find enclosed your personal ballot key and the instructions for electronic voting. Please read all materials carefully to ensure that your vote will be counted.


Position Candidates
Correctional Services Canada Nursing representative (NU/CSC) Richard Doyle
Brent Nelson
Ingrid Nisbett
Gerry Saunders
Occupational and Physical Therapy Representative (OP) Maurice Aubé
Richard J. Smith
Veterans Affairs Canada Nursing representative (NU/VAC) Eric Fleurent
Peter Rodrigues
Patty Thomas
Social Work Representative (SW) Stephanie Hatchard

Resumes Submitted By Candidates

All candidates were invited to submit resumes, of 300 words or less, stating their experience/objectives. The résumés of candidates for the positions you are eligible to vote for can be viewed on the PIPSC Web site when you go to submit your electronic vote.

NOTE: The resumes submitted have been reproduced without corrections. The translated versions were produced by PIPSC translators.

This Election Procedures will be done in accordance with the SH Group Constitution and By-Laws. Should there be problems accessing your ballot key or if you have any questions, please contact Andria Gauvreau, PIPSC National Office, 1-800-267-0446, extension 2253.

The Elections Committee:
Simone Gardezy (Chair), René Campbell and Lynn Ohlson

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