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Health Services (SH) Group

SH bargaining update: We have a deal!

Your SH Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that we signed a tentative agreement with the employer and recommends voting in favour of ratification. In January 2017, you will be provided with a detailed ratification kit and will be given the opportunity to vote on the Tentative Agreement.

Your bargaining team believes this is the best negotiated outcome we could expect. We have secured our benefits from the employer's initial proposal. We have made significant non-monetary gains and have secured additional monetary gains for a number of professions in our group.

First and foremost we have delivered on our members' demand to protect sick leave. We have not made any concession and in fact have bargained the "way ahead" to develop a more comprehensive Employee Wellness Support Program.

In addition, we removed the threats that the employer's initial proposal posed to our hard-won rights. These include provisions on call-back, stand-by, overtime, hours of work, vacation and rules on its use. We have ensured that there is still no cap on carryover of vacation credits. In all these instances, the employer backed off from its demands and we have protected our rights.

We secured important non-monetary gains including:

A broadened definition of family in several articles to recognize the realities of today's family life for many of our members;

Less restrictions on the use of family-related leave

Improvements to personal leave and how it can be used

Importantly, we have reached a Memorandum of Understanding to address the safety and security concerns of members who provide health care services in northern and Indigenous communities. Healthcare in these communities is desperately understaffed and under-resourced. Our nurses in these communities are working in some of the most difficult conditions. We believe the first steps we have secured in this regard will produce measures that will not only improve safety for our members but also improve health delivery for those living in northern regions.

On the monetary front, we moved the employer from its initial offer of 0.5% general economic increase to 1.25% per year for all our members. Given the four-year length of the agreement, the general economic increase would apply as of September 2014 and members would receive retro pay for the past years.

In addition to the general economic increase, we have secured other profession-specific financial gains:

For NU/OP, we have nearly eliminated regional rates of pay. We could not achieve full elimination in one contract but our efforts have reduced the regions from nine to only two.

For NU Health Canada Nurses in remote and isolated communities, enhance recruitment allowance by $1000.00

For DE/MD, we have secured a 4% market adjustment

For PS, we have secured a 4% market adjustment and eliminated regions within their terminal allowance for R&R. This results in a $2,000 bump for Masters level PS in Atlantic and $4,000 for members in Quebec.

For NU EMA, we have secured a 2.5% wage adjustment at the top step.

For SW, we have secured $3,850 Education Allowance for Masters prepared SW

For PH, we have eliminated the 3 lowest pay levels. While this will not impact our current members, it will be better for any potential new hires.

For CSC , Replace de PFA to Correctional Service Specific Duty Allowance (CSSDA) all members will now receive $2000.00

Being a group with nine professions it is difficult to achieve gains for all when it comes to profession-specific pay issues. We obviously still have work to do for the next round and we must continue to push the TB for further improvements.

In solidarity,
Your SH Bargaining Team

Publish Date: 14-DEC-2016 02:14 PM
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