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Bruno Gagnon

Good day,

I have been working as a correctional psychologist at the Dorchester Penitentiary for the past 20 years. My interest in union affairs began after I participated as an observer in a few local PIPSC-UMCC (Union Management Consultation Committee) meetings. Soon after, I became Secretary of my Branch’s Executive Committee and then held the position of Vice-President. I am now its President. I took my union representative training courses in the fall of 2008.

Since that time, I have participated in PIPSC-UMCC meetings at the local, regional and national levels. I have also represented the Dorchester Branch at regional and national AGMs. I am on the Workplace Evaluation Committee at the Shepody Healing Centre. I was one of the PIPSC representatives in a working group for the professional development of psychologists. In 2010, I received the Atlantic Region Executive Member of the Year Award. I do my utmost to keep the members of my Branch, my Region and my Group abreast of the most recent news from PIPSC. Since I am bilingual, I can communicate with members regardless of their language skills. I continue to take great satisfaction from my involvement with members ─ locally, regionally and nationally.

I also had the opportunity to participate directly in bargaining sessions with the employer and I sincerely believe that, taking into consideration the Government’s guidelines and instructions to the Treasury Board, we reached the best possible deal.

My motivation to serve members has continued to grow over the past years and that is why I am asking for your vote once again, for the position of psychology representative for PIPSC's Health Services (SH) Group Executive.

Thank you for your support.

Bruno Gagnon

Publish Date: 20-MAR-2017 04:40 PM