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Brian Harvey

Here is my info:

My first significant employment was working in the electrical contracting field where I was a member of the IBEW. Next, I spent 31 years in the CAF. When I retired in Edmonton Alberta from the military I became a Calian contractor for a short period of three months before joining the public service in December 2010. The same week I joined the public service I asked who was our “shop steward” and was told there was no local steward on this base. My co-workers encouraged me to apply to be a steward based on what they knew of me from my time as a manager and worker in Edmonton. I immediately became involved as a member and then, after the next steward course, as a steward since that time.

I believe my background the military and my involvement with the union here on the base allows me to have important insight that is of benefit as it relates to this executive member position. While I was in the military I dealt with various union and non-union employees as a manager. As a manager in the CAF and for a short time a Calian employee it only reinforced my beliefs in unions and union membership as the most important form of employment and the threats of non-union hiring to unions.

Currently I am a nurse case manager working at CFB Edmonton. As for objectives there are many which I believe we all share. Whether it is mistreatment of members, which I believe include the Phoenix system, communication and collaboration within and between unions, or other interest of members I promise to serve our members not only faithfully but to listen and work for all of you.

I ask for your confidence by voting for me for this position.

Publish Date: 20-MAR-2017 04:18 PM