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Health Services (SH) - Executive

Contact information contained on the PIPSC Web Site is provided for the sole purpose of allowing members to contact their Institute Representatives for employment related problems or questions. This information may not be used in unsolicited bulk e-mailings.

Health Services Group Executive (C 500)
      Group Department Phone E-Mail
Joanne M. Bouchard NU ISC 1-204-739-3227  Joanne M. Bouchard (Other)
W: Box 190 , Percy E. Moore Hospital , HODGSON, MB, R0C 1N0
René Campbell PH CSC 1-506-851-6386  René Campbell (Home)
W: 859 Main Street , MONCTON, NB, E1C 1G3
Terry Hupman DE ISC 1-613-960-3652  Terry Hupman (Other)
W: Jeanne Mance Building , Tunney's Pasture, Bldg 19 , 200 Eglantine Driveway , OTTAWA, ON, K1A 0K9
C. Lynn Huff MD DVA 1-604-666-2940  C. Lynn Huff (Other)
W: 900 - 605 Robson Street , VANCOUVER, BC, V6B 5J3
Jeremy Mayer SW DND 1-613-541-5010 x5120  Jeremy Mayer (Home)
W: Box 17000 Stn. Forces (Kingston) , KINGSTON, ON, K7K 7B4
Colleen M. Leinenweber NU CSC  Colleen M. Leinenweber (Home)
Deborah Gaon VM HEALTH 1-613-952-6252  Deborah Gaon (Other)
W: 11 Holland Avenue , Holland Cross Complex , OTTAWA, ON, K1A 1B6
Peter Rodrigues NU DVA 1-226-374-5491  Peter Rodrigues (Other)
W: 417 Exeter Road , LONDON, ON, N6E 2Z3
James S. McGrath ND ISC 1-902-237-2720  James S. McGrath (Other)
W: Indigenous Services Canada , 1505 Barrington Street , Maritime Center , HALIFAX, NS, B3J 3Y6
Christine McDowell NU DND 1-902-721-0815 x8022  Christine McDowell (Other)
W: P.O. Box 99000 Stn Forces , DND , HALIFAX, NS, B3K 5X5
Selena A. Glover OP DND 1-902-721-8745  Selena A. Glover (Home)
W: P.O. Box 99000 Stn Forces , DND , HALIFAX, NS, B3K 5X5
Bruno Gagnon PS CSC 1-506-379-4141  Bruno Gagnon (Home)
W: 4902 Main St. , Box 400 , Dorchester Penitentiary , DORCHESTER, NB, E4K 2Y9
Eric Massey NU CSC 1-450-478-5960 x8713  Eric Massey (Other)
W: 242 Montée Gagnon , Archambault Penitentiary , SAINTE-ANNE-DES-PLAINES, QC, J0N 1H0
Ginette Tardif NU ISC 1-807-738-5004  Ginette Tardif (Home)
W: 45 Prince Street , Sioux Lookout Zone Nursing Office , P.O. Box 1500 , SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON, P8T 1C2
Lynn Ohlson NU CSD 1-204-259-6611  Lynn Ohlson (Home)
W: 280 Broadway , WINNIPEG, MB, R3C 0R8

Entitled to 15 members on the Executive